Using the principles of business ethics for successful deals

We do business to get a fair profit for our business

To generate shareholders.

• Use assets sensibly

– How we manage our assets reflects our personal values, the values of our society and our ability to make a reasonable profit.

• We offer fair business

– We offer the best products at reasonable prices.

– We make difficult decisions and handle complicated decisions.

– How we come to these decisions reflects our values.

• Keep promises

– We stand by our word – we keep our promise.

– We are responsible to our stakeholders and earn their trust every day.

• Make a reasonable profit

– Our reputation is based on our ability to use our assets to generate profits.

– Since we keep our promises, we must arrange fair compensation in our contracts.

Successfully complete business

A handy hint

Every day we face decisions and have to make decisions that are crucial to our success.  The article is a handy guide to getting the information that can help you make good decisions. You will also learn when to contact the ethics officer of your division.

The information you are going to read is mostly used by senior executives, executives, full-time, part-time and temporary employees of General Dynamics. We expect our suppliers, distributors, subcontractors, and joint venture partners to develop ethical guidelines and guidelines for conduct in business that are consistent with our core values and guidelines in all material respects. Only the board or an authorized board committee may make a change or change 

Business Ethics and Business Conduct Guidelines

When we talk about business ethics, we refer to the principles that make our company great. We treat the customers, suppliers, and competitors of our society fairly, just as we treat each other. Each of us should strive for:

• Comply with laws

• to be honest and trustworthy

• to be responsible and reliable

• to be fair and cooperative

When we talk about behavioral patterns in business, we think of laws, regulations, and guidelines that control and direct both our own actions and those of our society. Learn about business ethics from this article.

The global world of our work

We do business in many countries worldwide. Our employees are citizens of different countries and belong to diverse cultural groups. We are subject to the laws and regulations of all countries, states, and localities in which we have operations or do business. Our global presence subjects us to the simultaneous regulatory and legal control of different jurisdictions.

We have to acknowledge the global world of our work. In some cases, there may be an actual or perceived conflict between the laws of two or more countries. In such a case, you must immediately seek legal advice to settle the conflict appropriately.

Where do you get answers?

Each of us has experienced situations where it was difficult to do the right thing. Maybe the facts were complex. Maybe many employees could be affected by our decision. Maybe the “right” decision was not obvious or our personal interests clashed with those of General Dynamics. Maybe we did not have the information we needed to make an informed decision.

You have many sources to help you with ethical behavior and business behavior guidelines. If you know the answer to an ethical question and are satisfied with your decision, you can act confidently. If this is not the case, you can turn to the following places for advice and guidance:

■ Your supervisor or manager

■ Your local Ethics Officer

■ the ethics officer of your division

■ The Human Resources Department

■ The Commissioner for Environmental Protection and Safety and Health at Work

■ The security department

■ the finance department or internal controlling department

The legal department

■ the ethics officer of General Dynamics

■ The ethics consultancy of General Dynamics

Difficult decisions

The information contained in this article will help you with the most difficult business decisions. However, the answers to specific questions are not obvious. Take your time and think about specific questions before acting.

Follow the steps in our ethical decision-making model:

■ Have I checked all the facts carefully?

■ Have I used all the sources available to me?

■ Have I considered any issues?

■ Have I carefully considered my options?

■ Have I considered the consequences of my possible choices?

■ Will my decision be valid in the future?